Festival role Managing all the bar operations at hebcelt this involves licensing, staff training, staff recruitment, stock and sponsorship negotiation, and working very closely with Martin our financial director.

How did you get involved in the festival? I first became involved with Hebcelt when I had an out of the blue phone call as the festival was needing a stage manager which I did for 2 years.  I noticed that there was various issues with the bar operation having owned a music venue and being in the bar trade for more than I care to remember.  I started managing these for Hebcelt, the rest in history.

What makes HebCelt special? There is something about getting on a ferry to an event and Hebcelt has this, the people involved with Hebcelt from employees, volunteers, directors are so special and help to create a lovely event this comes from a very old hand.

Best festival memory? Creating Julies bar, and seeing it grow and grow each year.

Favourite festival gig? The first time Imelda May played the festival I was stage manager. I have never seen an artist win over and build a crowd like she did, amazing, and then found out after speaking with her that she started her career in social clubs where you had to win the crowd and not just go out and play.  It showed!