Festival Role Ambassadors Team Lead

How did you get involved in the festival? I was badgered into volunteering by a friend who was a Team Leader on another team; by the time he saw my application I'd already been pinched by the Ambassador team. Thoroughly enjoy the experience 

What makes HebCelt special? For me, HebCelt is the biggest event on the island and it brings so many people home as well as visitors to the island. Massively important to the local economy and a very welcome week of fun and music and it's great to see upcoming music as well as the established headliners  

Best festival memory? My favourite memory was from two years ago. I was volunteering at the town Hall Skipinnish lunch time concert and spoke to some Canadians that had travelled to see them. Saw them again at the HebCelt Shinty on the Saturday after I suggested it to them and blethered to them for an hour 

Favourite festival gig? Favourite gig (so far) Texas. Hadn't seen since 19xx and still had the same stage presence. I am hoping James challenges for this title this year!!!