HebCelt Survival Sessions - Tickets 

HebCelt return in 2021 with the Survival Sessions guaranteed to fill that HebCelt gap in your hearts, albeit in a virtual sense.  Your virtual event pass will offer a wide range of music, streamed across four evenings. The programme, in true HebCelt fashion will celebrate our local language and culture within an exciting wider programme of events taking place between 14th - 17th July all brought to you in the comfort of your own home. Wherever you may be in the world! 

Pass in valid until one week after each broadcast.

In order to bring the Survival Sessions directly into your own homes, we have teamed up with the streaming platform MyPlayer. We have worked with with the team at MyPlayer previously, in association with Active Events, to bring you McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle: Christmas at Home and the stunning Breabach & Cat Bruce Project : Dùsgadh

Built by a group of people who have worked collectively in arts infrastructure for too many years to count, MyPlayer is a truly Scottish media brand. The platform was built to help bring a vibrant new approach to Music, Culture and Sport, built to break down barriers to access, whether they be physical, geographical, or due to the lockdown. MyPlayer brings art, culture, music & sport back to the people, and offers a means to connect people with the essential aspects of life we have so sorely missed while providing lifeline support to creatives, venues and clubs in these turbulent times.

Survival Sessions - Event Pass

The Survival Sessions Event Pass will allow you access to all four concerts, streamed directly to your device via the MyPlayer platform from July14th - 17th. The Event Pass is priced at £40.00, we have however included a pay more option, this will allow you should you wish, to pay a little extra for your Event Pass. 

If you don't already have a MyPlayer Account you will be asked to register, this will allow you access to the platform and to view the event stream on the night! 


Survival Sessions - Gift voucher

Survival Sessions Gift vouchers allow you to give the gift of HebCelt to those you love. The voucher can be emailed to your friends and family, or applied directly to their MyPlayer account should they have one.  


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Event Pass and Gift voucher