Photo: HebCelt Volunteers 2022

Are you ready for an adventure? Would you like to experience one of the biggest festivals of the Highlands and Islands from a unique and up-close perspective? Feel like joining a growing family of enthusiasts from across the world? Then read on and consider joining HebCelt as a volunteer for its next instalment!

From its very beginning, HebCelt has been run by volunteers and they continue to be the driving force behind making it the successful and internationally renowned event it is today. Over the years our volunteers have formed strong bonds of friendship that connect people from across the world and have endured through recent difficult times, sharing a love for music, the islands, adventure and the joy of life. Many have been able to learn new skills or gain experience in particular fields whilst contributing to the local community in the process. 

So, it goes without saying that we value and respect all the time and hard work our volunteers contribute.

How you can contribute?

We group our volunteers around specific activities that provide opportunities for everyone to be part of the HebCelt experience. You can find a full list of the different groups and their descriptions HERE 

In most teams, we ask our volunteers to contribute between 12 to 15 hours during at least 2 shifts through the week, with both day and evening shifts available throughout the festival. Some teams offer the opportunity to be involved during the set-up and breakdown phases as well, so if you are planning to be on the island for a bit longer and this is of interest, consider one of those options. 

When you sign up as a volunteer you will get to pick three choices that interest you. Please read the descriptions and select a team which you feel is the right fit for you.

No matter the team you choose, we use a rota system to make sure we have enough people to smoothly run HebCelt while also giving you plenty of time to enjoy the music and celebrations around the festival site.

We ask all volunteers to be a little flexible. As you can imagine, organizing so many people over the week with so many varied responsibilities can be challenging. 

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What’s in it for you?

There is nothing quite like seeing 5000 people enjoy a spectacle that you have helped create and bring to light. To know that you played your part to connect people in a way that only a music festival can, to entertain them, and create stories and memories for years to come. Experiencing the gratitude of everyone involved in HebCelt and the wider community that the event contributes to. That part is priceless!

For everything else, there is this: 

•    Free access to the festival arena events, so when you are off duty, you can enjoy the festival.

•    Meals, snacks and refreshments during shifts.

•    Volunteer gathering with snacks and drinks before the festival starts (usually the Tuesday evening).

•    Volunteer celebration with food and drinks after the festival (on the Sunday).

•    A volunteer t-shirt that you should wear during your shifts.

•    10% discount on most festival merchandise.

•    Discount at Laxdale Holiday Park if you want to camp during the festival week. 

Please note that we cannot offer travel, accommodation or expenses. Due to the limited capacity, we cannot offer access to events outside of the main festival arena, so if you do wish to attend any of these, please organise your own tickets as early as possible.  

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How to apply

We would love to welcome you to our growing family of volunteers! If everything you have read so far sounds exciting and you are up for an experience of a different kind, then please review the team descriptions and fill in our Volunteer Application Form 

All volunteers should complete this form. Details change from year to year, so regardless if you have helped before, please complete the registration. 

We ask that you please make three team choices as that will make it easier to place you. We will look at your choices, consider your skills and interests, and place you accordingly.

Places on some teams fill up fast, so don’t delay in getting your application in.

If you have any questions or concerns at all about the Volunteer Application form or any issue covered by the Volunteer Policy (see further down this page for details), please contact the festival team. 

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What happens next?

Your application will be acknowledged in the first instance. Unless you hear otherwise within a month (depending on when you apply) assume you have been accepted and make arrangements as required. 

This is hugely important. Due to the fact HebCelt takes place on an island, there are limitations to travel and accommodation. If you are travelling to Lewis you can reach Stornoway by ferry and plane only, and these options get incredibly busy during festival time. We strongly recommend you book your travel arrangements as early as possible. If you need advice or have questions around arrival time, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. 

Team selections will begin in May and you will be contacted in due course to confirm your selection. Please bear with us and be patient.

Thereafter your team leader will take over communication and supply any details you require.

This year's Volunteer Meet 'n' Greet event will take place at 6pm on Tuesday of festival week to which all confirmed volunteers will be invited. We cannot wait to see familiar faces and welcome new friends into our growing volunteer family!

Photo: Drivers Team 2022

What if my plans change?

We understand that things can change between your application and the actual festival period. Because we so heavily depend on our volunteers, we kindly ask that you let us know as soon as is practicable if you can no longer make it. This means we can try to fill any potential gaps. 

During the festival week we ask that you please communicate as early as possible if you cannot attend a scheduled shift so we can arrange cover. Again, we understand that unexpected things can happen, but we do ask all volunteers to minimize any shift cancellations and stick with their commitment. 

Contacting Us:

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Volunteer Policy 

The Hebridean Celtic Festival agrees to the following understanding with volunteers:

•    Volunteers will receive a festival shirt.

•    Volunteers will receive respectful treatment.

•    Volunteers should not consume alcohol or recreational drugs whilst on duty.

•    Volunteers working long hours will receive a free meal or snack 

•    Volunteers will be covered by Hebridean Celtic Festival insurance whilst on duty.

•    Volunteers will have a named point of contact.

•    The Hebridean Celtic Festival reserves the right not to accept applications and to request an individual stop volunteering if the relationship has broken down.

•    Volunteers will have free access to the main festival arena outside their shifts  .

•    Volunteers' personal information is covered by the Volunteer Privacy Notice.

The Volunteer agrees to the following understanding with the Hebridean Celtic Festival:

•    I will complete and submit a Volunteer Application Form.

•    I will attend meetings/training as required.

•    I will complete my Festival volunteer assignment in a satisfactory way (showing up on time for shifts, staying for the required duration, wearing a volunteer shirt while on shift, respectful treatment of other volunteers, staff, performers, and especially patrons of the Festival).

•    I will abide by the aforementioned policies of the Hebridean Celtic Festival.


A volunteer is expected to commit a minimum of 12-15 hours of work with shifts alternating between daytime/evening throughout the festival to qualify for the full volunteer benefits. Some teams require a greater commitment so please ensure that you are aware of the demands of that particular area.

A volunteer will ordinarily be a person 18 years old and older at the time of the festival. Some team requirements do vary so please check these conditions.

Volunteers will NOT bring their children to their work shifts and please be aware that the festival does not have the facilities to care for your children when you are working. Pets are also not allowed on-site during the festival.

If you become unavailable to volunteer at all during the Festival weekend, please let us know immediately via or your Team Leader if you have already been assigned to a team.