Willie Campbell, a Scottish singer-songwriter from the Isle of Lewis, gained recognition co-fronting Astrid in the late 1990s and as a member of The Reindeer Section. He has released albums with The Tumbling Souls, The Open Day Rotation and as a solo artist. Campbell's musical style, marked by a chorus-led songwriting approach, has earned critical acclaim.

Since moving back to Lewis in 2004, his musical influences expanded to include more prominent elements of Country and Folk. Notably, he was featured in a BBC documentary, "An Estate Car and a PA," showcasing his return to Lewis and songwriting experiences in Nashville.

Commissioned for projects like 'Dìleab,' exploring emigration and war history in the Outer Hebrides, Campbell continues his musical journey with contributions to "In the Wake of the Metagama”, Green Space Dark Skies and the Trèoir project plus many co-writes in the indie and folk genres.


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