HebCelt has specially commissioned some new work for their Survival Sessions 'The Journey’ or Turus Dhachaigh is a new audio-visual work developed by Josie Duncan.

By combining tunes and songs inspired by the Gaelic tradition with atmospheric visuals, the piece takes its audience on a nostalgic and impactful trip to the Isle of Lewis.

Inspired by the many little moments that comprise a journey across the Minch, ‘The Journey’ will capture the imagination of first-time visitors and seasoned travellers alike.

The piece features Charlotte Printer (Skipinnish) on bass, Megan Macdonald (Eabhal, Heisk) on accordion and Charlie Grey (Westward the Light) on fiddle, with accompanying visuals designed by Elly Lucas. ‘The Journey’ is presented in both Gaelic and English.


Posted in Artists 2021, Featured on Jun 10, 2021