Valtos are Skye natives Daniel Docherty and Martyn MacDonald, and they have taken the Trad and Electronic music worlds by storm. Since their debut shows in December 2021, they have captivated audiences at festivals and sold-out venues nationwide.

Their music has been described by Folk Radio UK as "like nothing you've heard before," blending influences from electronic and folk music. Inspired by artists like Martyn Bennet, Peatbog Faeries, Odesza, Madeon, and Bicep, Valtos creates a unique and genre-defying sound.

Valtos' self-titled debut album, released in June 2022, features collaborations with Donnie Munro (Runrig), Lana Pheutan, Eilidh Cormack (Sian), Gary Innes (Mànran), Euan McLaughlin (An Dannsa Dub), and Allan MacDonald (Niteworks). The album achieved over 100,000 streams in its first few weeks, showcasing Valtos' musical prowess.

Prior to their album, Valtos released remarkable remixes, featuring Peatbog Faeries, Project Smok, Niteworks, and Mec Lir. These remixes paved the way for their groundbreaking debut, fueling anticipation and setting the stage for their meteoric rise.

Valtos draws inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of their home, infusing their recordings and live performances with a profound sense of place. Joined onstage by a full live band, including Lana Pheutan, Eilidh Cormack, Ali Levack, and Euan McLaughlin, Valtos delivers energetic and unforgettable live experiences.

Valtos' talent and innovation have garnered recognition, earning them the Up and Coming Artist of the Year award at The Scots Trad Awards 2022. Their dedication and boundary-pushing artistry continue to impress critics and fans alike.

In their ambitious project, "Valtos and Friends," they release a new single every month throughout 2023, collaborating with diverse artists. This project showcases their adaptability and artistic growth while pushing sonic boundaries.

Valtos' sonic fusion of traditional and electronic music inspires and reshapes the musical landscape.

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