The Nicolson Sessions - Showcasing the next generation.

As part of the HebCelt Survival Sessions opening concert, Wednesday 14th July, we are delighted to present the next generation of musicians and tradition bearers. Filmed in the final days of the school term, especially for HebCelt, young people from the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway came together to sing and play music together following the turbulence of the pandemic.

Music teacher and project coordinator Avril Duncan had this to say,

"This has been a really difficult time for musicians with many restrictions in place to ensure safety for all. As soon as the rules allowed, young musicians from the Nicolson Institute were keen to get together and to return to playing the music they love.

"HebCelt is a festival which means a lot to everyone on the Isle of Lewis. Getting the chance to be part of the festival means a lot to our young people as they feel included in one of the most exciting musical events in Scotland. With minimal rehearsals (due to the recent relaxation of COVID safety measures) young people from the Nicolson Institute are delighted to share the music they love in the Nicolson HebCelt session."

Posted in Artists 2021, Featured on Jul 05, 2021