This powerhouse group is forging new attitudes towards traditional and folk music with their unique and signature sound.

Expect uplifting and driving harmonies, intricate arrangements, and joy in abundance. 

Renowned for having a style quite like no other - powerful, fresh, euphoric, raw, enigmatic and emotive - Kinnaris Quintet have quickly become the must-see act on the live music scene. Bold, sparkling arrangements and performances are laced with a contagious on-stage exuberance and joyful enthusiasm, as anyone who has seen this band live will attest.

Based in Glasgow (Scotland), Kinnaris Quintet take influences of traditional Scottish, Irish, Bluegrass, Classical, Scandinavian and Appalachian music, and create technically dazzling, evocative arrangements. Kinnaris Quintet have produced the perfect concoction of remaining faithful to their traditional roots, whilst delicately pushing the boundaries of tradition, bringing it to the forefront of exciting and modern music.

Posted in Arena, Artist 2024, Friday, Mainstage on Nov 23, 2023