January Update 2021

21 Jan 2021

Hello and a Happy New Year!

We hope this update finds everyone well and healthy as we begin 2021. As most of you will know, fighting Covid-19 is an ever-changing situation. This makes for challenges that we have not faced before as we seek to deliver the kind of HebCelt festival that we can all enjoy.

There are positive rays of light as vaccines have become available and they are being rolled out in countries across the world. What remains uncertain though, is when we all might return to some kind of normality.

As an event we are not on the same timeline that we might usually be. By now, pre-C...

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Funny Old Times!

15 Oct 2020

It’s been a funny old time of late, to say the least!

It has at times been a struggle to maintain forward momentum and the almost daily battle with uncertainty is chipping away at our resolve and reserves. To add to the issues, as some of you might already know, our Twitter recently fell victim of a hack attack. Locked out of our account we followed the steps diligently, reported the hack, confirmed our identity, filed a report and put our trust in the powers that be to sort the problem. With an uneasy feeling we sat waiting and watched as everything we recognised about the page disappeared ...

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