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Festival 2016 - Fèis 2016

Urban TeuchtarsThursday, 14th July

Urban Teuchtars

Urban Teuchtars

There’s a long history of Glasgow’s Highlanders and islanders, uprooted by the search for work, gathering to share songs and tunes from home, preserving their Gaelic cultural kinship amid the jostle of city life.

Fronted by South Uist emigrés Kathleen MacInnes and Sineag MacIntyre, two of Scotland’s most captivating Gaelic singers, The Urban Teuchtars continue this tradition with a Hebridean ceilidh in the heart of town, also featuring another South Uist native, Seonaidh MacIntyre, on pipes and whistles, Skye drummer Andrew MacPherson, Mull pianist Ross Wilson, plus Archaracle accordionist/guitarist Allan Nairn.