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Festival 2016 - Fèis 2016

Sam GarrettSaturday 16th July, Acoustic Stage

Sam Garrett

Sam Garrett

Hailed from Derbyshire’s countryside birthed the wonders of a man with a mission statement: To Love, To Trust, and believe. Sam Garrett began his journey playing in bands in his local area but before long was writing songs of a different nature. Sam found himself withdrawn from his surroundings as the rest were drinking, playing football or chasing girls, instead writing songs and becoming one with nature which began the journey of his spiritual awakening.

Sam Garrett aims to inspire and connect with his soothing melodies and acoustic guitar, his songs reflect his journey and his life which carries the message of his soul. His songs bring hope to a world in need and bring healing to transform our hearts. He is a follower of the Advaita Zen master Mooji and says his main inspiration comes from his teacher's grace. He has self-released two E.P’s, ‘Be easy’ and ‘Namaste’ which expose Sam’s spirit and his dynamic styles, from Reggae rhythms singing ‘We are one’ to calm meditative songs like ‘Higher than the mountains’ he reminds us of the sacredness of life and the joy that comes with it.