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Festival 2016 - Fèis 2016

Miss Irenie RoseSaturday, 16th July

Miss Irenie Rose

Miss Irenie Rose

If you want to solve an intriguing mystery, try to define the unique sound and presence of the elfin-minded Lewis singer songwriter Miss Irenie Rose. There’s something quite old-fashioned and charming about the live performances – but there’s also something thoroughly modern in the earwormy hooks you find in all her songs...

The sound of Miss Irenie Rose's voice – those stunningly expressive, Isle of Lewis-tinged vocals layering over itself repeatedly – is an experience like no other. She has a particularly ethereal, otherworldly charm and comparisons to Joni Mitchell are not without merit.

Showing an affinity for both matters acoustic and loop pedal, her voice dances over her songs like she has been blessed with the pagan power to invoke joy through the simple expedient of making music. She is, to put it simply, enchanting.