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Where did that t-shirt get to?

Reports of festival t-shirts and hoodies turning up in some fabulous places prompts this new area.

From Tasmania to Tolstachaolais, Dublin to Dubai, Molinginish to Manhattan we know they are out there... post your pictures of where you've been with your festie t's or indeed seen them turning up.

Prizes for the best picture, interesting location or best short story, so be sure to get in touch.


Sydney, Australia


The MacLeods - Sydney, Australia, New Year's Day, 2013


Montego Bay, Jamaica


'Alan pictured in his Hebcelt hoodie in 35 degrees heat at Montego Bay, Jamaica. What people will go through for us.


Luskentyre, Isle of Harris


Katie Morag eat your heart out! These two young fans were snapped on Luskentyre Dunes.


Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland Paris

Andrew, Angela and Joanne pictured with their favourite hoodies in Disneyland Paris.


Barrow, Alaska

Barrow - Alaska

Ian Hartwell pictured at Barrow, Alaska, the furthest northerly point in the US, after a scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean.


Ramsey Street

Ramsey Street

Marsaili visits the Neighbours down under.


Salem, Massachusetts

Salem Massachusetts

Anne at Salem, Massachusetts. (That's Samantha from "Bewitched" behind her).



El Teide on Tenerife

Lily and Fergus Jenkins wearing their HebCelt sweatshirts very proudly on the volcano El Teide on Tenerife.


Wickerman Festival

Alan captured at Wickerman Festival sporting his HebCelt hoodie

Alan captured at Wickerman Festival sporting his HebCelt hoodie.


Queensland, Australia

Queensland, Australia

Ellen, Glen and Charlie Macleod in Hervey Bay, Queensland.


Mt Toubkal, Morroco

Mt Toubkal in Morroco

Alanah, one of the regular crew members at 13,671 ft, the summit of Mt Toubkal in Morroco which is the highest of the Atlas mountains and the highest peak in North Africa.


Grossglockner Mountain

Grossglockner Mountain

Norrie Maciver - scaling the heights of the Grossglockner Mountain at 8215 feet possibly the highest a t-shirt pic has been taken. Stunning area we are told.


Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond

Angela Macaskill and Fiona Campbell scale Ben Lomond in the one sunny day we had this summer.


Wickham Festival

Wickham Festival

Hebcelter at Wickham Festival.


Leh, India

Leh, India

Alanah one of the stallwart members of the festival tech team (pictured in her crew shirt) having a tea break when doing aid work in Leh, India after the massive flooding that affected India and Pakistan last summer.


Langano, Ethiopia

Langano, Ethiopia

This festival t-shirt was found in Langano, Ethiopia!


Shanghai, China

Huangpu River in Shanghai China

Eileen toting her Festival ecobag standing on the river front of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China.


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