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Meet the Team

main tent

Briony Jones

Festival role
Retailing Team Leader

How did you get involved in the festival?
I am married to Martin Jones, one of the festival directors, and it is through him that I first got involved in selling merchandise at the festival. In the early days, it was just me with a table at the side of the white tent. I remember thinking it was a big upgrade the first year I had my own market stall – and now we have a whole tent, and a team of people as well.

What makes HebCelt special?
Festival Week sees the whole of Stornoway coming alive and there is a real buzz in the air, which makes it really special.

Best festival memory?
My best memory is from many years ago, sitting on the festival green one warm evening listening to the band – then realizing we had promised the babysitter we would be home 2 hours ago!

Favourite festival gig?
There have been many excellent bands over the years, but The Waterboys, Baka Beyond and AfroCelts stand out for me.