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Festival 2016 prep

Festival stars are found on and off stage

As #Hebcelt16 kicks off tonight, it reminds me, as it always does, of the many, many good people who get involved and make this event happen in real time.

While I along with the rest of the small team - five in total - beaver away year-round, huddled over laptops and on Skype planning this ‘thing’, we rely on so many others to actually take it to reality.

That includes the site team who turned up last week and were running ahead until the T in the Park de-rig set us back, leaving half our stage in the mud an extra day. And yes, we had to power wash each and every one that arrived (thank you Darren). The Herculean task took us practically all night over Wednesday to get the remaining stage in and the sound and light rig.

If that is the downside, and the stressful part of final preparations, the upside, and what reminds us why we do this every year, is the tangible community spirit and support we receive.

Window displays are starting to appear in shops, contractors are pulling out all the stops for us, and local people are rallying around helping when it’s needed. Even acquaintances who, just in passing, wish us good luck give us that extra ounce of energy to make the festival work for everyone.

Then there is our amazing volunteer team, who travel from all over the world to help make this festival happen. We could never do this without them and this behind the scenes effort over the next few days will ensure everyone has a safe, enjoyable and memorable festival.

This is a community event in every sense and we can’t wait for it to get underway so everyone involved can start to enjoy the rewards their hard work deserves.

Tapadh leibh uile! Have a great weekend one and all.